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Rug Fringe Repair

Fringe is an essential part of Oriental rugs that gives it a neat look and strengthens the whole construction. Our experts install new fringes into the rug’s foundation with exactly matching fabric and dye to repair damaged fringes. If you ignore damaged fringes, the damage will extend to the rug’s body and eventually the entire rug will unravel.

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Repair Rug Edge

This is the essential part of our Oriental rug restoration in Louisville, KY. Harsh vacuuming, pet chewing, and extreme foot traffic damage the edges of the rug and put the whole rug at the risk of unraveling. Our experts repair the edge of the rug by over-casting a new side binding by hand and sewing to strengthen the rug and give it a neat look.

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Dry Rot Repair

Prolonged exposure to moisture activates destructive microorganisms inside the construction of natural fiber rugs such as wool and cotton. They eat the fibers, weaken the rug’s construction, cause dry rots, and finally leave unpleasant holes all over the rug’s surface. We use highly effective solutions to kill these microorganisms and then reweave the missing areas.

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Loose Foundation Reinforcement

Sometimes harsh vacuuming, incorrect rug cleaning, and dog’s chewing can loosen the whole rug’s foundation. Our rug repair team reinforces the loosened foundation to strengthen your rug and prevent unraveling in the future.

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Rug Hole Repair

Bugs, mold, mildew, dry rot, and simply aging can cause holes on a rug’s surface. Aside from the damaged look, these holes gradually unravel the whole rug. Our rug restoration experts eliminate the source, be it the mildew, mold and bug larvae, then they reweave the holes with exactly the same fabric and dyes, according to the rug’s original pattern.

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Rug Color Restoration

Chemical solutions, prolonged exposure to the sunlight, and dog urine can cause color bleeding in Oriental rugs. We use our exclusive solution to colorfast the rug and then dye the affected areas with exactly the same natural dye.

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Rug Size Alteration

You can shape your favorite rug the way you like! Our rug repair experts carefully resize your rugs based on your desired dimensions so they can recreate your rug in a new shape and form that works best for you.

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Rug Tear Repair

If your precious Oriental rug has been torn by your pets, an accident or utterly weakened, our Oriental rug repair experts are able to insert a new foundation and strengthen the piles in their place to give your rug an entirely untouched look.

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