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Sophia Shahab


Sophia’s experience in the home decor and the rug industry, such as weaving, rug repair, and rug cleaning, goes back to her childhood. As a leader in the rug market in Kentucky and beyond, her goal is to offer top-quality rugs, unrivaled customer service, and the best value to her customers. 

Sophia travels at least twice yearly on buying trips to countries around the world to purchase only the best area rugs at the lowest prices for her rug store. This unique business model has guaranteed an unrivaled selection of Oriental rugs for her customers at unbelievable prices. Her dedication to only the best rugs is just one example of her personal attention to detail and perfection.

From Sophia’s hands-on rug repair to her dedicated effort to training the repair experts and working with the rug cleaning team to inspect the rugs and quality check, you will always find Sophia directly involved with all of her team members. Sophia is diligent about ensuring they have everything they need to excel in their job.

Sophia, Your Personal Shopping Assistant!


Sophia is not just a salesperson but also a design expert. She is uniquely an expert in many areas, such as interior design, the art of rug weaving, and rug design. This expertise is beneficial for educating the customers about rugs. Moreover, Sophia’s knowledge provides you with expert guidance in the buying process. Making an informed buying decision about your area rugs is the goal, and she is literally an “in-house” expert. When you come to our rug store in Louisville, KY, Sophia will personally greet you and give a complete tour of Oriental rugs and the fascinating story behind each of them. She will help you find the best size, style, and color for your home or office. Sophia will even come to your home at no charge to consult with you about your rug needs.

Rug Cleaning & Rug Repair Department


Our rug cleaning and rug repair teams have the best expertise and tools around to restore your area rugs’ first-day beauty. Our front desk rug cleaning representatives, delivery drivers, rug cleaning technicians, and rug repair experts are here to exceed your expectations for a five-star service! We put our absolute best into your rug cleaning and rug repair, in a timely manner and with the utmost care for your precious rugs . If you are not satisfied, then we are not satisfied!

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