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    Rug Cleaning


    Our Rug Cleaning service not only gets rid of dirt and odor, it also has helped thousands of clients rugs regain their brand new look. We us only 100% organic solutions for Rug Cleaning in Louisville, KY and Southern Indiana keeping you, your kids, pets and rugs safe from harmful chemicals.

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    Rug Repair


    Our Rug Repair service is here to repair your damaged rugs, restoring them to their original look and value as if nothing had ever happened. We use the same material and weaving techniques, giving your rug an untouched look after the repair is completed.

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    Stain Removal


    Our Rug Cleaning team has the richest expertise at rooting out unpleasant stains and odors from rugs. We thoroughly inspect your rug before taking any action to develop the most optimum solution that is absolutely gentle to the rug but has no mercy on the stains! The fresher the stain, the easier it is to remove. So please contact us right after any stain incident, especially Pet urine stains.

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    Sophia’s Rug Repair


    We truly believe in the magical ever-evolving value of rugs. Doesn’t matter how damaged and disappointing a rug might look now, it always has a chance to restore to its first-day grace! Our Rug Repair team, including Sophia herself, uses exactly matching dyes and fabrics to reweave and repair your precious yet damaged rugs.

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