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The Story of Sophia’s Rug Store

I’m Sophia Shahab, count myself one of the luckiest because my job is my childhood dream and hobby. Some kids dream of working in Disneyland, Nutella factory, or Florist’s, but I have always dreamed of rugs.
I was born and raised in the middle east, and after decades, where everybody has a close-tie relationship with the art of rug weaving. I still crystal-clearly remember my grandma’s weaving loom and her wrinkled but magical hands, running through thousands of vertical threads while she was singing to me.
My first encounter with rugs was very simple but so impressive that it still impacts my life; “ It’s a rug, dear. It’s like a vase, but its flowers will never wither.” That just ignited my childhood curiosity and never-ending imagination, and ever since that day, I’ve been setting my heart and soul into rugs.

Middle East Story

You might already know the middle east is not an easy place for women to work and have an income. But rug weaving doesn’t require leaving the house and complicated materials. All you need for a masterpiece is what mother nature gives you, a pair of powerful hands and a beautiful, creative and boundless mind. That’s why the rug industry is the main source of income to thousands of women in the east, where they weave one thousand and one stories a rug that will narrate their stories for the years to come.


I kept my passion for rugs in my heart and the memories of female rug artisans when I moved to the US, the land of opportunities. Here I decided to quit medical school to pursue my great passion, rugs. I dedicated my whole life to learning about home decor and combining it with my knowledge of rugs to present a full package to those looking for the perfect rug for their homes. I started my rug store, formerly known as Khazai Rugs, in Louisville, Kentucky, which is not only the best-around source for top-quality Oriental rugs; it’s also a spa and hospital for rugs. (well, the actual name is rug cleaning and rug repair, but I like to call them by that, I’d appreciate it if you do so as well ).
Both rug repair and rug cleaning start with a thorough inspection to find the best practice for that particular rug. I also do the rug repair on my own with my incredible team, who are the best-around rug experts in the state. My team at Sophia’s Rugs has all the tools and knowledge required to restore your rugs’ first-day beauty and value, so nothing gets ever outsourced.

Network of Rug Weavers

Since I have a strong network of rug weavers, I get the rugs from them — no middlemen in between. That’s a win-win deal for everybody. The weaver gets a considerably higher wage to support their families. The customer back here gets the best-quality rug at an unbeatable price. This network also helps me find one-of-a-kind rugs that you love but can’t find anywhere. With this business model, not only you’re adorning your house; you help an underrated artist thousand of miles away send her kids to school and have a stable life.


My vision for Sophia’s Rugs is to be more than a rug store but to be a good representative of the warm, dynamic, and rich eastern culture here in Louisville, Kentucky. Greeting the customers face-to-face and customer assistance is the favorite part of my days at work. I’m always up for a nice chat with my customers, helping them explore the rugs and the stories behind them. My job doesn’t just end there and personally visit the customers’ houses to make inspect their damaged rugs or install the just bought ones to sure everything’s alright. I’ve also created this website with so much love and passion for helping you easily discover your right rug among thousands of high-grade Area Rugs, Outdoor rugs, Oriental rugs, and so on. Our collections at Sophia’s Rugs are carefully handpicked, and we have the best rugs for sale that match any style and budget.


About Our Rug Repair Service

Rugs have the potential to be timeless pieces of art, passing down as a precious heirloom in your family. They also can function as a safe sort of investment as they expand in value over time. But, there are some incidents that threaten rugs, causing them to lose their value and delightful look.
At Sophia’s Rugs, we proudly provide the only comprehensive Rug Repair in Louisville, KY, that can undo any damages to your rugs, ensuring to restore their first-day elegance

About Our Rug Cleaning Service

No stain and odor can make it through our Rug Cleaning process not removed. We provide various rug cleaning packages customized based on your specific needs.
Each package includes 10 distinct stages to ensure your area rug has won back its original beauty. Since your health and satisfaction are our top priority, we use the only 100% green solution for Rug Cleaning in Louisville, KY, which is totally safe for your kids, pets, and rugs.

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