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Professional Rug Cleaning

Can rugs be professionally cleaned?

Yes! Rugs, especially oriental rugs, have delicate construction with an ever-evolving value that requires special care and treatment. Professional Rug Cleaning is the only way to get completely rid of deep-stuck dust and pet urine odor without harming the rug itself.

Will dry cleaners clean a rug?

No, and we highly recommend you not to do that because dry cleaners that clean rugs do not have the necessary expertise and tools to treat your rugs. That’s why rug dry cleaning always results in burned fibers and color bleeding, espcially if you own an oriental wool rug. Instead, you can ask Sophia’s Rugs to serve you with the best Rug Cleaning in Louisville, KY.

Can I use a carpet cleaner on a rug?

Carpet cleaners are modified to clean carpets that have synthetic and low piles. But area rugs have a different construction that needs deep cleaning plus safe and organic solutions to get the best results. Sophia’s Rugs proudly serves you with top-quality Area Rug Cleaning in Louisville, KY, using customized organic solutions.

How often should I clean my rugs?

To keep your handmade rugs always spotless and healthy, we recommend you ask a Professional Rug Cleaning for them at least every 12 month. That interval can be shorter if you have kids and pets at home or have a particular breathing condition like asthma.

How Does Sophia's Rugs Clean Rugs?

At Sophia’s Rugs, we know each rug is unique, and we customize the best oriental rug cleaning in Lousiville, KY based on their features such as age, fabric, weave, dye, and type of stain. Your rugs take a 10-step journey at our wash department to lose all the entrapped dust and regain their first-day beauty.

Why Is Sophia's Rugs Different From Other Rug Cleaners?

We use %100 organic solutions that are totally safe for kids, pets, and rugs. We will get your rugs cleaned plus free shipment to your doorstep in 72 working hours. Our knowledge of rugs is unrivaled. As well as providing top-quality Rug Cleaning Service in Louisville, KY, we also offer rug repair, trade-in, rug appraisal, AND the best Area Rugs from all over the world at unbeatable prices.

Do you offer rug cleaning pickup and delivery in my location?

Yes! We offer Free Pickup & Delivery on our Rug Cleaning Service in Louisville, KY, and the surroundings. Area rug cleaning drop off is another option if you prefer to bring your rugs to our wash department on your own.

How long does it take you to clean my rug?

Our Professional Rug Cleaning in Louisville, KY has a 72 working hours guarantee. We also contact the customers who fill out the form on our website the same day, whether it’s a holiday or working day.

Do you charge extra for area rug stain removal?

No, stain removal is a key part of our Area Rug Cleaning process and we do not charge your extra for that. We’ve got the best solution for Area Rug Cleaning in Louisville, KY, which is 100% organic and meticulously customized to root out the stains and odors without harming the rug itself.

Is there a difference between rug cleaning and carpet cleaning?

Although you might use rug cleaning and carpet cleaning interchangeably, they’re pretty different. A rug is a thick floor covering made of natural fibers such as wool, silk, and cotton that does not cover the entire floor. But a carpet consists of synthetic materials and extends to the whole floor. That’s why the process of Area Rug Cleaning and carpet cleaning are very different. Area rugs are cleaned in our state-of-the-art Rug Cleaning Company in Louisville, KY. Carpets are cleaned in-home with steam cleaning machines.

Do you use environment friendly rug cleaning products?

Yes, we do! We use the only 100% organic solutions for Rug Cleaning in Louisville, KY that are biodegradable, making them totally safe for your kids, pets, rugs, and mother nature.

Are you able to remove animal urine odors?

We have the best experts and perfectly optimized solutions for cleaning dog pee from rugs. At Sophia’s Rugs, the best rug cleaner for pets is at your service to ideally remove pet stains and odor from your gorgeous rugs.

Do you change the color of rugs?

No. We offer the only Oriental Rug Cleaning in Louisville, KY, that uses customized organic solutions to colorfast the natural dyes of your Oriental rugs.

Do you sell rugs?

Yes, we’re all about rugs! At Sophia’s Rugs, we have the best quality rugs at unbeatable. We also serve you with Rug Cleaning, Rug Repair, Trade-in, and Rug Appraisal.

Is it worth getting carpets professionally cleaned?

Yes. All Oriental rugs are unique and precious works of art with ever-evolving value if you maintain them correctly. That justifies the cost of Oriental rug cleaning as it’s more of an investment than an expense.

Can I clean my oriental rug myself?

Spot cleaning and weekly vacuuming help preserve your oriental rug, but that’s not enough. All oriental rugs need professional treatment at least every 12 months to get rid of deep-stuck germs, dust and dirt. Sophia’s Rugs proudly offers top-quality Oriental Rug Cleaning in Louisville, KY, blessed with the best expertise and customized solutions.

can you pressure wash a rug?

No. Pressure washing is good for wall-to-wall carpets, but it severely damages the delicate fibers of area rugs and fails to clean the entrapped dust and dirt. Sophia’s Rugs offers you the only Area Rug Cleaning in Louisville, KY, totally customized based on the characteristics of your area rug to get the best results.


Why buy from Sophia's Rugs?

* Top-Quality rugs * Best-Around Prices * %100 Trade-in value guaranteed *Free shippment and installation * 24/7 customer support

What are your contact info?

11300 Decimal Dr., Louisville, KY
Tel: (502) 323-0005
Email: [email protected]
website: www.sophiasrugs.com

How do I place an order?

We offer secure online payments such as Visa, Master Card, American Express, and Discover. We also have future plans to partner with Affirm to provide installment payment.

How much do I have to pay for shipping?

Nothing! You pay nothing extra if you buy rugs online from us! We offer FREE Shipping on all rug orders within Louisville, KY, and the surrounding areas.

How long does take till I receive my rug?

After you submit your order, it takes up to 2 working days to receive your area rug right at your doorstep.

How long does take till I receive my rug?

After you submit your order, it takes up to 2 working days to receive your area rug right at your doorstep.

How do I return a rug?

You can return your rugs ANYTIME and get %100 trade-in value to buy another rug instead. Full refund requests are also valid up to 10 days after the purchase.

Do you also buy rugs?

Yes! With the Trade-in policy, we warmly welcome your precious Area Rugs. We’ll give you in-store credit instead to buy new rugs, whether you haven’t purchased them from us or even if they’re damaged!

Can I cancel or change my order?

Yes. Whether you’ve received your order or not. Our customers can always cancel or change their order by just a simple call.

When will my refund be proceed?

We process refunds within 10 business days after your request, back to your form of payment.

Should I use a rug pad?

We highly recommend you to get a rug pad, not only to provide extra cushion but to protect you from slip and fall incidents as well as the flooring beneath the rug from wear.

What is considered an oriental rug?

An oriental rug is a thick woven textile made for a wide variety of symbolic purposes and usually produced in Asia and North Africa. Oriental rugs can be hand-knotted or flat woven without pile with various natural materials such as silk, wool, cotton, and vegetable dyes.

What is the difference between a Persian and an oriental rug?

Persian rugs belong to a subcategory of Oriental rugs. Oriental rugs simply refer to handmade rugs made in oriental countries. Persian rugs are made in Iran, and Iran is an oriental country.

Do oriental rugs need to be cleaned by a professional?

Yes, if the Oriental rug is in an area with heavy foot traffic, we recommend you to order an expert Oriental Rug Cleaning service every six months. If you rub the rug’s fibers with your hand for a few seconds and see dust flying, this is a clear indication that it needs professional rug cleaning.

How long do oriental rugs last?

A genuine Oriental rug can last more than 100 years with regular care such as vacuuming and spot cleaning. The secret to their durability is in the all-natural materials used and how they are constructed. The oldest rug in the world is 2500 years old, older than the Roman Empire and Jesus Christ!

Rug Repair & Restoration

How much does rug repair cost?

The rug repair cost totally depends on how damaged the rug is. Since each rug is unique and requires a different rug repair process, we recommend you to get a free estimate.

how to fix a rug that is unraveling?

Our rug restoration experts insert a new foundation in the unraveling rug and strengthen the warps and wefts. We also overcast a new side binding on the rug by hand to protect the new foundation against unraveling

how to fix burnt rug?

Sophia’s Rugs heals your burnt rugs with the highest quality Rug Restoration in Louisville, KY. We first clean the ashes and smoke off your rug with organic and safe solutions then we reweave the burnt areas with exactly the same fabrics and dyes to give an untoched look to your precious rug as if nothing had ever happened to it.

how to fix a frayed jute rug?

Our jute rug repair includes removing the frayed areas and reweaving them with matching dyes and jute fabrics.

Can a hole in an Oriental rug be repaired?

Yes. Sophia’s Rugs serves you with the best Oriental Rug Restoration in Louisville, KY that can undo any damages. We inset a new foundation into the rug and reweave the missing area with matching fabrics and dyes by staying totally loyal to rug’s pattern. After that, your oriental rug will look totally untouched.

Can Persian rugs be repaired?

Of course. Persian rugs are usually damaged by moth larvae which leave unpleasing holes all over the surface. We offer you top-quality Persian Rug Restoration in Louisville, KY by using totally safe moth repellent to entirely remove them from your rug and then reweave the affected areas to give complete look to your fascinating Persian rug.

Can rugs be repaired?

Yes, the expert hands that make a rug can restore it again. No matter how disappointing your rug looks now, Sophia’s Rugs can restore its first-day appeal with the best Rug Repair in Louisville, KY.

How do you fix a damaged rug?

We thoroughly inspect a damaged rug to come up with the best the process. Rug repair usually includes reweaving the missing and damaged area with matching dyes and fabrics to give an untouched look to the rug.

how to repair a rug edge

We fix rug edge that are frayed or curled up by overcasting a new side binding with matching color and fabric. That strenghtens the rug’s construction and prevent unraveling.

Can a wool rug be restored?

Our rug repair expert have the best-qualified knowledge on how to repair a wool rug when they’re damaged by bugs, burnt, or worn-out. We take proven measure to repell bugs without damaging the wool rug itself and reweave the missing areas by staying loyal to the pattern and using matching fabric and dyes.

how to repair a braided rug?

The rug repair experts at Sophia’s Rugs restore your damaged braided rug by stitching the braid back in place with same color and fabrics to bring back its complete and harmonic look.

how to fix a rug that a dog chewed?

Dogs chew the side bindings that weakens the whole rug’s structure and puts it at the risk of unraveling. Our Rug Resoration in Louisville, KY fixes that issue by overcasrting a new side binding by hand with the same dye and fabrics to strenghten the rug’s construction and bring back its appealing look.

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