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Try the Rug before You Buy It!

Sophia’s Rugs offers you an “On Approval” policy for walk-in customers at our rug store in Louisville, KY. This policy is very simple — “Try it before you buy it!”


You can try rugs before buying them, just like how you try on clothes. The way an area rug looks in the store or a catalog is one thing, but seeing it in your own home gives you a better idea of your area rug. If you are not sure which area rug suits your room the best, don’t worry! You can take your favorite area rugs home or if you prefer we can bring them to you so you can see how they actually look in your home. We know that an Oriental rug will be the centerpiece of your home decor and want you to be 100% sure you’ve got the right rug. 

The Oriental rugs

The Oriental rugs in the collection of Sophia’s Rugs are made by world-class artisans and deserve to be in a space that does justice to their value and where better than your home, apartment, or office!

On-Approval policy

With our On-Approval policy, if a rug in our showroom caught your attention, but you’re not sure if it suits your home decor, you can take it home and try it for FREE!

Sophia’s Rugs gives you an in-home trial to try the rugs in your room to see how it looks with your home’s lighting and decor. If it didn’t work out, just return the rug to our store with no obligation. Our team, and especially Sophia, will be more than happy to be by your side while you’re exploring the collections to find the right rug.

Please visit our rug store in Louisville, KY, today! Our team will happily guide you to find the perfect rug that matches your style and budget.

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