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Water Damage Restoration in Louisville, KY


When your pet has an accident, a flood, or a plumbing disaster, you need to get professional help to save your rugs as quickly as possible. The clock ticks always so fast for water damaged rugs, and if you ignore to act quickly, it will cost you your rug! Sophia’s Rugs is on-call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to provide the best water damage restoration in Louisville, KY when you need instant help.

Our Rug Restoration team will be there in less than an hour and ready to handle the work from start to finish. Feel free to call us anytime your rugs get affected by water for a free on-site estimate and inspection no matter what time.

Not sure what to do after experiencing water damage in your home? We do! Read on to find out more about Sophia’s Water Damage Restoration in Louisville, KY, and how it can magically undo any damages that could cost you a valuable rug.

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Best Expertise in Water Damage Restoration

Mildew and carpet beetles are caused by excess moisture, especially in natural-fiber area rugs. We undo the damage by providing mold treatment.

With rich real-world experience and IICRC-certification, we are ready for any water restoration work out there. Our experts have the tools and methods to best protect your rugs.


We are prepared for any water damage scenario.

We confidently handle water damage restoration for rugs of any size, large or small. Whether natural disasters or water leakage,  we’re ready for emergency cases with our professional Water Damage Restoration services. In such cases, please get in touch with us for a free on-site estimate.


Different Categories of Water Pollution Related to Water Damage Restoration

The reasons for classifying water pollution are related to health and safety and the possibility of saving, restoring and protecting damaged rugs. Even clean water is still harmful to your rugs. The longer you wait, the more likely it is that the water will move to the next level of contamination.

Category 1 clean water

Category 1 is clean water that has not yet been contaminated. It can be caused by burst pipes, toilet tanks, or even the bowl, as long as there are no contaminants in the water. A common mistake by rug owners is that they think clean water is ok and by leaving the wet rug in front of the sunlight or using a fan will get the job done. But, that not only fails to completely dry the rug, but also leaves residue and makes it stiff. Drying the surface isn’t enough, and a complete water extraction should be conducted to remove the destructive moisture from your rug.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for Water Damage Restoration. We’ll perfectly restore your area rugs to their original condition as if nothing had ever happened. Water Damage Restoration needs to be completed in less than 72 hours to prevent the damage from extending.

Category 2 gray water

Gray water is slightly contaminated. While you might not want to drink it, people might use it for the grass or outdoor plants. Gray water is usually contaminated with soap, pet urine, and possibly particulates or debris. As long as the water damage restoration is completed in less than 48 hours, you will not have to fear that the water will become dangerously contaminated.

Water damage restoration by Sophia’s Rugs ideally removes excess moisture and contaminants from the rugs. We use powerful but gentle solutions to clean the rug then we extract to remove the water completely. Although the rug can be restored to normal, the rug pad will need to be removed and replaced.

Category 3 Black Water

Blackwater is the worst level of water pollution. When a storm floods your home, water entering your structure is contaminated with debris from the outside. When the sewage system goes down due to a storm, raw sewage is sent into your home. This level of pollution poses long-term health hazards.

Comprehensive Water Damage Restoration Service

There’s more to water damage restoration than just drying things out! First, we remove and protect the rugs and remove any residual water. If there is a rug and padding, it may need to be removed to apply disinfectant. We use powerful fans, dehumidifiers, and other industrial drying tools to remove moisture from rugs.

Once everything is completely dry, we reinstall your rug on fresh padding.

To get a quote on water damage restoration any time, please get in touch with Sophia’s Rug Store in Louisville, KY today!

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What we do


Our Professional Rug Restoration experts begin with a thorough assessment of the damage. We examine your rug to determine what can be perfectly restored.

Then we plan for safe and fast water and moisture removal. We’ll take them to our wash department to clean and disinfect them more thoroughly.



Water Extraction 

 We use dehumidifying tools and powerful fans that dry the rug as fast as possible. We will monitor the humidity level throughout the process. If there is significant contamination, we will remove the contaminants and then sanitize the area.


Post drying assessment

After the water is removed and the rug has dried, we’ll do a thorough inspection to determine if we need to do any rug repair work. We also test the mold as we have trained mold treatment experts.


Rug Restoration and Cleaning

Next, we will clean  and deodorize the rugs that require water damage restoration for off-site cleaning.

Sophia’s Rug Store in Louisville, KY, is where you should call in case of water damage to your rugs. We promised a quick response to water damage problems, and we’re available 24 hours a day, every day of the week.

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