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Designers, Welcome!

Sophia’s Rug Store is the go-to place for finding the perfect rug for everyone, not for just stylish homeowners but for smart home designers looking for walkable art!

You’re more than welcome to pay a visit to our rug store in Louisville, KY, or send us your samples and palette so we’ll prepare an ideal list of candidate rugs based on them that also fit your budget perfectly.


By collaborating with Sophia’s Rugs, you’ll get:

  • On-Approval policy, which means you can try as many rugs as you’d like in your room until you find the right one.
  • The special price for designers
  • The hottest trends and timeless rugs in the market
  • The most diverse palette that includes each and every shade
  • Browse among the biggest collection of Area Rugs in Louisville, KY, and filter them by size, color, etc.


If you’re looking for gorgeous rugs to level up your next home design project, please visit our rug store or fill out the form below so we’ll get back to you with a perfectly selected list of candidate rugs!

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